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Spring Specials!!

$25 Acrylic Full Set Square $16 Fill
$27 Nail Bar Mani/Pedi Combo
$27 Gel Manicure
$28 Acrylic White tip
$35 Acrylic Full Set with Gel color
$35 Gel Nail Bar Pedicure
$42 Nail Bar Mani/Pedi Combo w/Gel Manicure
$45 Gel Fill with Nail Bar Pedicure
$55 Gel Manicure with Martini Pedicure
$55 Gel Fill with Martini Pedicure
$55 Gel Nail Bar Manicure with Gel Pedicure
$61 Gel Manicure with Champagne Pedicure
$61 Gel Fill with Champagne Pedicure

Book online or call 949-916-0400!

Weekday Specials Monday to Thursday Only!!

$25 Gel Manicure

*Located Next to Chipotle


Monday – Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Series Specials!!

$69 for 3 Acrylic Pink & White Fills
$75 for 3 Gel Manicures
$84 for 3 Acrylic with Gel Fill
$150 for 3 Gel Manicures & Gel Pedicures

Book online or call 949-916-0400!

*Located Next to Chipotle

Nail Bar & Spa featured in American Salon October 2014 issue


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I just got a mani/pedi at Nail Bar & Spa and am a very satisfied customer. This place just opened and the atmosphere is very elegant and very clean. The staff was very friendly and hospitable. Their prices are fair and they do an excellent job!! They also offer other services like waxing or hair styling, it’s a one stop shop! Overall it was a great experience and I will be back!

Tania J.

Great place! So peaceful and elegant! Luv my nails and already booked my next appointment

Diane H.